An all-aluminium solution for a visual rounded and uniform appearance. Suitable for relatively even terrains with fine adjustment capabilities.

Precision sections for a truly modular assembly in order to improve installation times.

Based on your project needs, our team of engineers will make adjustments, and put together a solution based on your requirements. Adjacent foundation inputs are also covered by our design team.


OrientationPortrait (cost effective) and landscape
LayoutUp to 4 high in Portrait
Up to 8 high in Landscape
Inclination10º to 25º angle
Park WidthUp to 33 meters
Support SpacingIn accordance with static calculations
Up to 5 meters, depending on module inclination
End overhang of up to 1.5 meter
FoundationSlotted foot bases connected to casted threaded rods
StandardsSANS 10160Structural design
SANS 10162Structural use of steel
ISO 1461Hot dip galvanized coatings
Eurocode 9Design of aluminium structure
MaterialsSupport railsExtruded aluminium (6063 T6)
RaftersExtruded aluminium (6063 T6)
Upright Posts and BasesExtruded aluminium (6063 T6)
Small partsStainless steel (A2)
Extruded aluminium (6063 T6)